Uromyces vicia-fabae (Pers.) Schroet.

SPERMOGONIA in small conglomerations on the upper and under leaf surfaces, 100-150 µm diam.

AECIA in small, rather loose groups, up to 2 mm diam, rarely single, formed on the under leaf surface.

Peridium cup-shaped, up to 0.4 mm diam, with a whitish, ragged, edge, bended towards outside.

Peridial cells palisade, with an outer wall 3-10 µm thick, ornamented with fine dots, and an inner wall 2-5 µm thick, covered with small warts.

AECIOSPORES globose, irregularly ovate or slightly prolate, angular, 18-26 x 15-24 µm.

Wall colourless, up to 2 µm thick, covered with very fine warts on the whole or greater part of its surface.

UREDINIA (u) occur on the upper and under leaf surfaces, petioles, and stems, yellow brown, at first covered with epidermis, later, after its tear, dusty.


UREDINIOSPORES (ue) globose, widely ellipsoidal or widely inversely egg-shaped, rarely ellipsoidal, 22-27(-31) x 19-26 µm.

Wall yellow brown, 1.5-2.5 µm thick, ornamented, usually on the whole surface, with warts, spaced ca. 2-3 µm apart.

Germ pores (gp) 3-4, rarely 2, usually equatorial, rarely in other positions, with flat papillae (pl).


TELIA on both leaf surfaces, up to 0.5 mm diam, on petioles and stems, up to 3 mm long, early naked, black, not dusty.

TELIOSPORES (te) inversely egg-shaped, rarely ellipsoidal or subglobose, widely rounded at the top or slightly sharpened, slightly narrowed at the base, 25-35 x 18-25 µm.

Wall yellow brown to chestnut-coloured, smooth, 2-3 µm thick at the sides, thickened up to 5-13 µm at the top.

Germ pores 1 located at the top, covered with an indistinct papilla.

Pedicel (p) yellowish, up to 70 µm long, persistent.

PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Spermogonia, aecia, uredinia, and telia of U. vicia-fabae occur on many plant species of the genera Lathyrus, Pisum, and Vicia (Majewski 1979).

Uromyces vicia-fabae is a cosmopolitan fungus (Majewski 1979).


Majewski T. 1979. Grzyby (Mycota) XI. Podstawczaki (Basidiomycetes), Rdzawnikowce (Uredinales) II. Warszawa-Kraków, 462 pp.